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BlackSwift Walking Sticks:
Light, Fast, Strong!


Two great sticks for walking and self-defense. Which one best suits you?


The BlackSwift

Ultra-light, unrivaled speed and impact velocity.

The Raven

Light, fast, great durability, twice the stopping power.

Both sticks are available with either the Polymer or Hardwood handle!

The BlackSwift - Raven Advantage:

Lightness and Leverage Means Speed... Speed and Mass Equals Impact Power!

Light, fast, hard-hitting, easy to handle, sleekly elegant, our walking sticks are convenient and appropriate to take anywhere. Fine for airline flights, they are your answer for self-defense when traveling too. Optional wrist lanyard included with each stick.


Lightness, strength and balance are built into each one of our sticks. Our Ring tm Logo where the handle joins the shaft means you carry an authentic BlackSwift or Raven walking stick... all made to the highest standards of quality and performance.

1. Handle:

Our LeverMax tm Handle is molded from a polymer chosen for toughness and impact power. It has a mottled, matte finish for a more secure, comfortable grip and greater durability. Our handle's semi-spherical shape is designed specifically for walking stick and self-defense use. The flat "leverage surface" where the handle joins the shaft has two distinct advantages:

When walking, fingers naturally cup the leverage surface giving you a better grip.

When used defensively, a quick grip change puts your fist around the shaft and against the leverage surface. Like the end of a ball bat, the LeverMax handle gives you maximum swing leverage for the acceleration and velocity to hit with the force of a much heavier stick.

We also offer a hardwood handle of the same design. They are not as dense and hard hitting as our polymer handles, but have very little "give" and transfer more energy on contact than most other woods. Tough and attractive, our wood handles are available on both the BlackSwift and the Raven.

2. Shaft:

Two different shafts for two great sticks. BlackSwift's ultra-light shaft is made of carbon fiber with a strength-to-weight ratio greater than steel. Raven's shaft looks almost identical but is made of premium, solid fiberglass which is denser and tougher. Your choice: BlackSwift for unrivaled speed and quickness... or Raven, fast, great durability, twice the impact power.

3. Tip:

Our shaped tips are molded from pure polyurethane. They are very tough and last indefinitely. In fact, if your tip ever wears out, we will send you a replacement tip free of charge. The high density of polyurethane adds impact force.


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